Interior/Exterior Lighting Design

Our Electrical design staff are fully capable of providing lighting layouts and performing software based photometric calculations for interior and exterior lighting. Our lighting design and photometric calculations are based on different guidelines or standards depending on the project and location.

For interior lighting, we have provided lighting design for restaurants, manufacturing, auditoriums, classrooms, and indoor sports all of which have specific lighting level requirements.

For exterior lighting, our site lighting designs adhere to specific municipalities’ site lighting criteria, LEED requirements (where applicable), and guidelines for light pollution. We have also been involved with numerous exterior sports lighting projects.

Our interior/exterior designs include the advantage of LED source light fixture technology into our planning. Our lighting designs also include energy efficient layouts to meet the required Energy Codes and allows us to complete ComCheck forms.

With the inclusions of LED lighting, we are incorporating low voltage network lighting controls into our designs. This low voltage lighting system design provides our clients with a full range of controls for their light fixtures.

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