Superior and efficient energy

Hickman-Ambrose has demonstrated the ability to provide a high level of expertise in design, renovation, and alteration to heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

We believe that basic, common sense systems provide for ease of installation, thus lower cost, ease of operation, maintenance, all while providing for the intended goal of proper building comfort and ventilation.

Our strengths of system design come as a result of tried and true solutions. From heat pumps to VAV, to energy recovery.

We can provide load calculations and energy model analysis. We can perform feasibility studies and forensic studies which includes humidity and comfort issues and moisture intrusion issues. HA has experience with testing and balancing as well as full building commissioning and construction cost estimates.

We also have the ability to think ‘out of the box” and have engineered superior energy efficient, green buildings utilizing geothermal, variable fluid flow, low temperature air distribution, 100% outdoor air unit and variable refrigerant flow systems.

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