We here at Hickman●Ambrose Inc. use a simple philosophy for each project that we begin.  We listen and understand our client’s expectations and work with them to create a highly cost effective and accurate set of construction documents.  This philosophy has been the foundation of our continuing success and has allowed us to develop an extensive list of client’s continuation to utilize our services.


We play a large part in the communities that we work with by providing educated and intuitive recommendations to the designed systems.  We focus on furthering our education in the plumbing, mechanical, and electrical fields to keep us on the cutting edge of the new technologies that are becoming more commonly implemented into buildings today.  (Please refer to our Project Portfolio for a more detailed description and examples of our services and support.)


Hickman●Ambrose Inc. offers specialized assistance in the design or re-design of your project.  This design assistance includes, but is not limited to, the Plumbing, HVAC, Power Distribution, Exterior and Interior Lighting, Fire Protection, and Communications Systems for government, commercial, and industrial clients.


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